I can’d breab – I neeb more cobbee

I have a sinus infection. A fever. A cough. I am sick.

All the while, I am craving is heavy cream. Weird right? I hear, not so much. Apparently, Craving fat is a very good sign.

I’ve had three coffees today.
All with heavy cream and vanilla sugar-free creamer.
All delicious.

I want to adjust my fat intake. I need more fat and less protein, but this has been challenging for me so far.

This part of keto has a huge learning curve for me because I realize how little I understand the numbers. I’m going to purchase the Keto Beginning e-book,  and learn from the bottom up. If I get a handle on this, I think I’ll feel more confident in my meal planning.

I noticed today (not sure why I missed this before) that there is a ‘fat’ and ‘saturated fats’ tab option on my food diary. I haven’t been adding them together. Should I be? I’m not sure.

I need to ask my keto hero for feedback on this.