I can’d breab – I neeb more cobbee

I have a sinus infection. A fever. A cough. I am sick.

All the while, I am craving is heavy cream. Weird right? I hear, not so much. Apparently, Craving fat is a very good sign.

I’ve had three coffees today.
All with heavy cream and vanilla sugar-free creamer.
All delicious.

I want to adjust my fat intake. I need more fat and less protein, but this has been challenging for me so far.

This part of keto has a huge learning curve for me because I realize how little I understand the numbers. I’m going to purchase the Keto Beginning e-book,  and learn from the bottom up. If I get a handle on this, I think I’ll feel more confident in my meal planning.

I noticed today (not sure why I missed this before) that there is a ‘fat’ and ‘saturated fats’ tab option on my food diary. I haven’t been adding them together. Should I be? I’m not sure.

I need to ask my keto hero for feedback on this.


Counting calories is triggering

Counting calories has been triggering for me. I’ve suffered from disordered eating my entire life and so, having to count what I’m putting in my body has set off an alarm in me. I have used apps like myfitnesspal and mynetdiary mindfully through the years. When I feel like I’m paying too much attention to calories and restricting my cravings because of it, I back away.

While tracking my fat, carb and sugar intake for keto, I am having to be hyper-aware of my diet. I’m having to remind myself that it’s not about the calories but rather, about finding the right balance for my body. At least for the first few weeks, I will need to stay on top of minimizing the disordered chatter in my brain. I’ve been in a healthy place over the past few years with my eating, but this has reminded me that our body-mind connection is a delicate one. It’s empowering to recognize and talk through it. Hey, it’s a real thing but it’s okay. Breath – Share – Continue.

Today has been difficult. I’m really tired and my headache isn’t giving up. I know that if I just had an iced tea, it would probably go away. I won’t though. I’ve made a commitment to myself and I’m staying on it.

Day 6: Carbs today are at 26 grams/ 130 grams for fat. Sugar is a 11 grams.
I am no master of the percentages, but hopefully, it’ll get easier.