Let’s talk about poop

Nobody talks about poop, but if we’re honest, poop is pretty incredible.
It’s pretty much a lens into what’s really happening inside the body.
It’s the floating boat or sinking shi! metaphor of health.

Food takes anywhere from 1-3 days to leave the body. Things like dairy can more easily slow down our digestive system where as fiber (and water in-take), can help regulate bowel movements. Fiber is a pretty cool nugget of health. Without fiber, our poop has no bulk and the intestines have to work harder to get rid of the waste.

Let’s back-up for a minute (I couldn’t resist), If you’re not pooping daily, it means there’s going to be a pressure build-up in your intestines. This pressure creates little pockets or weak spots that invite gastric issues such as inflammation and bacterial growth, toxins to grow. In short, the toxin build up makes you sick. Constipation is your body’s way of telling you that you’re unbalanced. If you’re otherwise healthy, it’s now that you should be looking at what in your diet is causing the issue.

For me, a ketogenic diet has forced me to pay close attention to what I put in my mouth. I’m hyper aware (at least for now) of what I eat and when. Let’s just say, my unused food is leaving my body in a timely manner, a few times a day. For anyone who has a history of constipation, you can appreciate how awesome this is. 

For me, healthy bowel came from eliminating  gluten, substantially decreasing my sugar intake (at least 5 glasses of water a day. I eat ethical, organic meat whenever possible and have eliminated processed foods from my diet.

I have very little bloating now and I haven’t been constipated in 10 days. My body is balancing out and I’m eager to see how my gut health changes as I continue with keto.

Happy bowels = happy body. Pay attention, it pays to give a sh!#


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