Turkey pie

I’ve eaten a completely animal-free diet for the past 15 years. That includes a 6-month stint in veganism. This new Ketogenic journey has challenged me to look at my conscious eating habits, introducing meat back in to my menu in the past weeks. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Enter, the holidays!

This Christmas I ate turkey, sans potatoes and rice. Instead, I had a keto-friendly salad and fatty guilt-free dressing. It was pretty great. I have been fat-adapting for long enough now, that I was able to enjoy my meal without any side effects.

I do regret not making a keto-friendly pumpkin pie though. I dropped the ball on that one, having searched for alternatives too late. There are so many options for keto friendly sweets that there really isn’t a need to go without. I don’t want to deprive myself and I don’t have to, but it’s an adjustment. I’ve never been a fan of cooking and so, I am having to learn how to do all of this stuff.

This self-labeled kitchen-allergic-keto-newbie is feeling more confident now.
I see more adventurous recipes in my future….including turkey & pie….maybe even turkey….. pie? You’ll have to wait and see.

I didn’t log my numbers today. Happy holidays.


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