There was cake and it looked delicious

When my students graduate out from class or have a birthday, we celebrate with cake.

Today, one of my littles turned 4 and there was cake. I know because I baked & decorated it, while it mocked me. Well, not really but…
Normally, I bake a cake and only half gets eaten, so half stays in my kitchen. Over the next 2 days, I usually snack on the remainder until it’s finished.

Today, half was eaten and the other half was packed up and sent home with the birthday girl. It looked delicious but I have to be honest….I didn’t want any of it.

I’m seeing gains in my diet now. I’ve lost 5 pounds and my sugar withdrawal is almost gone. I have a very light headache and I feel less punchy, more balanced.

I decided that dinner for breakfast was perfectly fine, so I had turkey with spinach and feta with water in the morning, a fat bomb as a snack and steak with a huge salad for dinner. Late evening, I enjoyed a heavy cream and Stevia coffee. I had less food than usual and yet, I feel less hungry.

I should be consuming more calories. I’ll try to add more tomorrow.

Carbs 27 grams today/ 93 Fat/ 75 protein/ 8 sugar


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