Headaches and brain fog

Day 4 and I have the worst withdrawal headache. It’s been 2 non-stop days of headaches and brain fog. I feel like I could sleep for a week and still go back to bed.

While watching videos on Youtube for ideas, I came across a fellow Canadian by the name of Leanne Vogel. She’s a rock star Keto holistic nutritionist out of Calgary. Leanne is pretty dialed in to the Ketogenic lifestyle, having dealt with her own hormonal issues. Like myself, she’s dealt with oodles of disordered food patterns and went from a vegan diet to vegetarian to mindful meat eating. I dig her honesty and openness about the journey. I think she’ll be my go-to along the way. I’m thinking about purchasing her book to understand more about this process.

Day 4: Keeping my numbers pretty consistent. Amazingly, my sugars are at 7 grams for the day and my carbs 30 vs. 108 for fat. I’m still a newbie, but this looks good. I think I need to eat more but herein lies my biggest problem. I’m not a kitchen witch of any kind, but with change…..comes more change. I guess I’ll need to learn.


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