A keto connection

I’ve been researching ways to make this pregnancy successful. I’ve been taking my prenatals religiously now for a couple of months in addition to a sublingual B12 vitamin. I found out through getting my genetics tested, that I have quite a few gene hiccups to work through. One major one is that my body isn’t able to absorb B12.

I did a little research in to the issue and found out that B12 is a pretty big deal for the body. It protects against heart disease & keeps cells fed so that the body has adequate energy. It also plays a major role in bone strength, brain function and supports DNA health, in turn keeping you younger. Sufficed to say, my inability to absorb B12 may very well be contributing to a lot of the issues and pain in my body. A major potential upside of finding all of this out: it may affect how my body is affected by pregnancy. If my monthly cycle is any indication, then yes, it has already started to regulate my body more. I have experienced less pain and cycle-related migraines over the 3 months since I’ve started. This is encouraging.

Just experiencing this change alone, got me thinking. Is there more recent studies or other experience based information out there that I could be learning about?

Insert Ketogenic diet.

I first read about the ketogenic diet from HG survivor mama, Diana of Whining Puker.
Diana has a history of hyperemesis but her symptoms changed after switching to a strict keto diet, prior to becoming pregnant.

The lowdown: a ketogenic diet (keto) is a super low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine. Instead of using sugar for energy, it uses fat. It has many potential benefits for weight loss, health and performance and is designed specifically to result in ketosis. This is where the magic is supposed to happen.

It’s going to be major adjustment. In keto, you’re consuming <20 grams of carbohydrates a day and sugar is almost non-existent until you level out. When the body starts changing, you start to feel ill. Body aches, lethargy, brain fog and a not-so-awesome overall feeling. This is actually a good sign, as it tells you are in ketosis. They call it the “keto flu”.

Add to this the irritability and headaches that accompany sugar withdrawal and well, you’re having a terrible week right? However!! If I compare these short lived symptoms to the 8 months of HG hell, I’d say…..it’s gonna be a cake walk.

(Cake. Fukc, I love cake.) I may have spoken too soon.


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