3 sips and done

I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. I decided that by not moving for an hour, I would gain some super strength or something and today would be different. Uh, ya. Nothing came, so I decided I would drink 3 sips of water before getting up. I did. I got up, I felt 12 feet tall,…and then, I vomited for 10 minutes. That’ll teach me.

The kids came to preschool today. I was so happy to see them and they told me how much they missed me. I decided I needed to get up to greet them, and I sat and watched them throughout the 4 hours. In all honesty though, it made me even sicker to be out of bed. I didn’t even do anything, but just being up caused me to throw up 3 more times. 7 weeks pregnant and already on bed rest? I’m so frustrated. Chris is great with the kids. They have so much fun with him and he’s so patient and loving. I’m fortunate to have him on my team.

I interviewed a potential teacher today on the phone. She sounds wonderful. I am meeting with her on Thursday. I told her how sick I am and made a joke that I would try to do my hair before she comes. She laughed. I laughed but wanted to cry, realizing how much of an effort even the smallest task is.

My friend Cari picked me up from the house and took me to the hospital for treatment today. My nurse remembered me from 4 years ago when I was there for treatments with my daughter. I remembered her too because she was always so amazing with the IV needles. I called her “IV Super Girl” and she is. I am grateful. The nurse from yesterday’s ER visit took 4 tries before she could get it in. Dear God.

Speaking of totally horrible things not to say to someone who is pregnant and starving….(smooth transition, ya?….) I was very emotional yesterday in the ER. Not eating or drinking for days will do that to a person. I asked my ER doctor how long I could go on like this, that I’m so thirsty and weak. She replied…. wait for it…..”Well, actually, they did a study on Nazi concentration camp survivors and how long they could go without eating. They found that 6 months was average for them….” *blink* WTF did she just say to me!???? I must be hallucinating. I smiled and said I was going to vomit, just to get her to leave.

How was your day?


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