My ladder was taken away and replaced by a giant trampoline

ImageI was trying to think about what to write and after a good twenty minutes of nothingness, I’ll just say that I feel like crap. We got up early this morning to head to the clinic for treatment. “Got up” looking more like NOT being able to get up because I’m so weak. My body has no fuel to move, it makes sense but it sucks. Eventually, we got out of the house and made our way to the clinic. My doctor has the most amazing nurse, who came in an hour early to help us with scheduling. I love you Nurse Chris!

Spent 2 hours getting fluids and anti-nausea meds. As I got up to leave, I was overwhelmed and ran (sure you did) to the bathroom to hurl. Nothing. Why? Because there’s nothing to come up? (You see a pattern here, ya?) Upside: Roosevelt clinic has uber clean bathrooms, which I admired from the lid of the toilet in the ladies room. (It’s the little things…)

The nutritionist came to visit today with some helpful, yet not really viable tips for me to try.
Believe me, after the last round of this, I have tried pretty much everything I could possibly think of to get food or drink into my body. Nada. I feel like I could teach classes on this already!

Got out, drove home and here I am. Even the bowl of ice on my bed table is disgusting to me.

I’ve lost 5 pounds. WORST. DIET. EVER  You can laugh

On a side note, the mid-line IV is a no-go. It appears that mid-lines are not so hot in the area of Iv treatments and no one even performs them anymore. Awesome. Further to this, the fleeting thought of putting in a PICC line is also not an option. Although many women with HG have them put in, it really is a last resort as the complication of infection (it’s placed near a major heart valve) is very high in pregnant women. High fives all around. So, without an accessible line, I have to get treatments done every other day in the hospital instead. Let me know if you feel like driving me to treatments! Part-ay!

We made appointments for the next two weeks. At this point, I am marking off the days in my calendar and trying to thankful that I have all the things that I do in my life, instead of focus in on what I don’t. However this is my blog and I can b-moan all I like. The truth is, this process sucks and I hate it. It’s horrible, torturous, painful and make me sad. As I was hurling this morning I kept repeating the mantra “You can do it! There’s a baby in there! You are strong. Don’t give up,” Over and over and over.

A dear friend of mine sent me some cool links to IV nutrient treatment. But they are an issue when a) you can’t eat or drink beforehand and b) you are pregnant. So, exnay on the cool ideay. Another dear friend of mine took Ryan out this morning to a PEPS party, so my child could be around other kids and have a great time. +1 I’m stacked in the cool-people-in-my-life department. Thank you, Amy.

Chris took the attached pic of me this morning. I know it seems gross but it made me laugh. When I was pregnant the first time around, my BFF was here from Toronto. The day we went to get my first ultrasound, we had to pull the car over about 8 times for me to puke. She got out her camera and took pictures. I wanted to kill her. It’s so unbelievable, it ridiculous. But have you met my daughter? She’s the brightest most amazing child. The love of my life. I’ll save this pic as a reminder of how far I’ve come in 8 months.

I thought I wouldn’t get through it. I did.

i just need to do it again.


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