Knot in my throat

I haven’t thrown up this morning. This is good. What isn’t good is the small globe that is sitting in my throat and the nausea that is accompanying it. I feel so sick. I am afraid to consume anything for fear of being even sicker, but I know that I have to at least try.

Goals for today:
1) Drink a whole glass of fluids. Don’t throw it up.
2) Write one paper for school. Due tomorrow. This should be interesting.
3) Eat something. Anything. Don’t throw it up

Some sweet soul emailed me yesterday telling me to eat crackers, as they “work wonders for morning sickness.” Crackers. I wish someone had told me! Morning sickness this is not and the morning hours, though unpleasant, are not the worst. Try dinner time, where the smells of cooking food force me to burrow my head amidst 6 pillows and blankets in the hopes of suffocating the smell from my senses. Smells. I smell everything.

I am a little bitter this morning, forgive me. I woke up from a dream of a healthy pregnancy only to be awakened by pain in my stomach and a heavy weight in my body. My hyper-salivation is out of control. It’s what happens when you’re nauseous all the time.  It horrible, nauseating and totally embarrassing. i hate it. No one likes to talk about this one because it sounds very “old man” but it’s a side affect of this dis-ease and I’m putting it out there.

The heartburn started last night. I imagine with so little in me, my body is subtly reminding me to eat. Upside: Tums contains calcium. Get it where you can. Downside: Tums. Have you tasted them!?

Upside: I am 49 days and 13 hours away from my second trimester.
I got this.


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