Making a dent.

I called the doctor this morning. In three days, I’ve drank 8 oz of fluids and a 4 oz rice pudding, hardly enough to make a dent. I woke up with chalk mouth and a numbing headache across my entire skull. I slept the entire night, and woke up in the same position I fell asleep. My body is exhausted.

Upside: I have the most amazing doctor. The same doctor who went on this journey with me the first time. She walked in the room with a familiar look on her face. She’s seen how hard this condition is. She knows how much I struggled.

She gets it. She booked me in the clinic right away and started my first IV treatment, zofran on tap. It seems to have helped, if only for a few hours. I have to go in once a week, if not more. It’s already on the books. Treatments suck, but they are necessary. They make a dent.

When we left, I asked Chris to drive me to McDonald’s of all places. I order a Big Mac with no meat and a sweet tea. I know this sounds revolting but I swear to God, it was delicious. I ate the whole burger. Praise Jesus. I am sitting, praying it doesn’t find it’s way back up. Some foods just don’t do well a second time, McD’s is guaranteed to be on that list.

I send out teacher inquires today for my preschool. I’m stressed beyond belief at trying to find someone with enough skills and heart to fill my shoes in the next few months. I’ve cried for hours over it. I had to take my second sick day out of a year and a half and I felt horrible doing it. I love my parents, they can’t know how much. I know how sick days put them out, but this one is out of my hands. Having so little time is making the process doubly hard but I am hopeful I will find someone to help me. This school is my second baby and I can’t just hire anyone. So, I’m asking the Universe for two things today. 1. Please keep my Big Mac in my belly and 2. Please send me a totally rad teacher who will love my kids as much as I do.

Fingers crossed, we make a dent.

I am a fashion Goddess.

I am a fashion Goddess.


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